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Airgun stock 

The cheapest wood from which we make our stocks is beech. We make stocks only in a raw state. The customer has to finish the stock on his own with sandpaper.
A beech stock from our gallery costs 180 EURO. This is a stock without any regulated elements. Every regulated element:

  • - a regulated cheek piece,
  • - palmrest.
  • is an additional cost of 40 EURO for one.

Preparing a new project is another cost of 50 EURO.


Prices of the stock in other kinds of wood:

  • - ash wood - 200 EURO,
  • - sapele - 220 EURO,
  • - walnut 240 EURO
  • - wenge - 280 EURO

Every additive - as can be seen above. 

Photographs of all produced stocks for the airguns by our company – sorted by the name of producer – can be found here



Every bullpup which consists of two barrel supports, an optical rail and a trigger transfer system (every part anodized black) costs 120 EURO.

Regulators for PCP systems + shooting chambers, costs 150 EURO

An inside Regulator for PCP systems, costs 120 EURO

Tuning kit for Hatsan AT44, costs 55 EURO with the shipment


Dear Customer

The customer pays for the delivery. The cost of the delivery depends on the country and on the type of transport. To place an order please send us an e-mail, which can be found in part of the website with contact information.

We have no obligation to know the laws of your country and we are not responsible if the goods that you bought are prohibited in your country and will be confiscated by Customs.

When ordering our products, you accept the terms.

If You have other questions - please write an e-mail.