Our products, Your satisfaction

All of our products are made with great care according to earlier and precise arrangements with the customer. Thanks to thorough examination of needs and technical advice, we produce a high quality elements according to an individual order.

Custom orders 74%
Successful completion of projects 100%
Returning customers 91%

Airgun stocks

We produce airgun stocks to almost all types of airguns. You can choose stocks from our gallery or sends us your own idea.Produced stocks are unwrought – the customer finishes the product on his own.


We make silencers for airguns in any size, according to customer’s individual preferences.

Regulators for PCP systems

We set the regulators at the pressure of 85 to 100 bars. Range of the regulator is from 105 to 200 bars. There is a possibilityof setting a different pressure at the customer’s request, however will not take the responsibility for animproper work of the component. In addition to a regulator, our company gives a shooting chamber with an any – desired bythe customer – capacity. Our regulators are very resistant to aeration.

Tunning kit for Hatsan

The tuning set consists of a spire and a spring. With it you can increase the power of your rifle to about 30J


The separator separates the air that flies behind the shot, so it does not cause the vortex immediately after leaving the barrel

The valve with the charging end

The regulators are set to a pressure of 85 to 100 bar. The operating range of the regulator is from 105 to 200 bar. It is possible to set any pressure at the customer's request, but then we take no responsibility for its correct operation. We also add to each regulator an explosive chamber of any - chosen by the customer - capacity. Our regulators do not breathe.