How to order?

How to order a stock?

To find out the price of Your ideal stock - please write us an e-mail.

A couple words of explanation.

The price depends on the design and the type of the wood. The more complicated design - the more expensive the stock is. The prices of regulators and silencers are constant and invariable.

We make stocks out of:
- beech,
- walnut,
- ash wood,
- sapele.

Please state in Your e-mail which model of the stock You choose to which airgun. The photographs of our stocks can be found in the menu "Stocks", where You will find hunting stocks, sport stocks and bullpup style stocks. These stocks can be fitted to almost any model of an airgun.

We can also prepare a complete new design. This way - the price of the stock will also contain the cost of preparing the new design and waiting time for the order will be extended by 3 weeks. For a stock from our gallery You will need to wait about 14 days.

We make stocks in a raw and finished state. A raw stock is a stock which is grinded after cutting but not finished. The last sanding of the stock belongs to the customer. Finished stocks are grinded by us and finished with oil or paint - regarding to the demand of the customer.

After agreeing to all the details and settling the price - we come to the payment. We prefer a transfer to our bank account of the first 30% of the price of the order. This is the cost of purchasing the wood and other needed elements for preparing the order. This payment is not refundable. After realizing the order - we send a photograph of it and we ask to finalize the rest of the payment.

The customer should send us the information about the delivery destination and the telephone number and afterwards - we ship the product.