Our story

Our story

Guntuning.com was found in 2008. The idea of raising a company comes from passion for shooting sport and admiration for airguns. Today, our company is equipped with the highest quality tools for making unique airgun stocks and many other shooting accessories.

Airgun stocks are made with the usage of a digital machine; according to customers individual indications. The stocks are designed in CADCAM software, which allows us to obtain a 3D model, which is then generated on to the computer system steering the CNC milling machine.

We’ve been on the market for over 8 years and during that time we’ve fulfilled orders to almost all European countries, as well as to the U.S., Brazil, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Kuwait or South Africa. Our products are of the highest quality and guarantee reliability.

All services are made with an impeccable care on conventional machines as well as on CNC machines. Our products have optimum parameters and a guarantee of longevity. Impossible things are made at once and for the wonders - we need a little bit more time.

Guntuning.com isn’t a mass production company. Every customer and every order is being treated individually. All you need is to contact us so we can advise you how to choose the best solution for your airgun.

Our main goal is customer satisfaction. We want you to have as much joy as possible from purchasing our products.

We also encourage you to visit our official Facebook page, where we gather opinions from our customers and where you can find many photographs of our products as well as useful information about our company.